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Signs Of Ear Infection You Need to Watch Out For

Signs Of Ear Infection

Signs Of Ear InfectionWhen you know the signs of ear infection, you would be able to spot its occurrence right away, afford yourself the right treatment, and prevent the infection from worsening and cause you much serious ear problems. Continue reading

What Causes Kidney Stones

What Causes Kidney Stones

What Causes Kidney StonesWondering what causes kidney stones? You might be surprised that the formation of these stones is mostly brought about by your lifestyle. Suffering from kidney stones can lead to a lot of trouble and knowing the causes is also one way that you would be able to protect yourself from them. Continue reading

What Is Cystitis?

What Is Cystitis?

What Is Cystitis If you are among those individuals who wonder what is cystitis, then this article could help you a lot. Knowing what cystitis is, its causes and treatments will be able to increase your awareness about the disease, spot the symptoms in case they occur, and find a good treatment for them at the earliest.  Continue reading

Viral Conjunctivitis – What is It?

Viral Conjunctivitis

Viral ConjunctivitisThere are basically two types of conjunctivitis, the viral conjunctivitis and the bacterial conjunctivitis. Between the two, viral conjunctivitis is the most common, which makes it important for you to know, what it is, as well as the associated symptoms and treatments.


According to Medscape, conjunctivitis is a common entity in young children and, while the list of potential etiologies is large, viruses, most commonly adenovirus, cause the majority of cases. Viral infections spread rapidly in daycares and schools from eye to hand to eye and, for that reason, many schools have adapted rigid exclusion policies that are not evidence-based.


The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), in extensive guidelines issued in 2003, provides a comprehensive review of types of conjunctivitis and the clinical presentation.


Classic “pink eye,” or, more appropriately, acute follicular conjunctivitis caused by adenovirus, is distinguished by bilateral watery discharge and erythema, often in the presence of a viral upper respiratory infection; a palpable preauricular node commonly occurs, sometimes on the more severely affected side. This is the most common conjunctivitis seen in school-aged children.


Source: Medscape


In schoolchildren, the most common type is the viral conjunctivitis. This is also why if you suffer from viral conjunctivitis, you should, as much as possible, be very careful when you are around children, since they are prone to it.


You will know that you suffer from this eye condition if you find your eyes becoming red. BBC Health pointed out some of the symptoms that you will experience if you have conjunctivitis. It also provided an added insight on what viral conjunctivitis is. BBC Health stated that:


Conjunctivitis is caused by infection or irritants, including allergens.


The most common infective reason for a mild conjunctivitis, lasting just a few days, is the simple inflammation of the conjunctiva that occurs with a viral illness such as colds or flu. This type of viral conjunctivitis is rarely serious, causing temporary redness, watering and discomfort. There is no specific treatment for this form, other than cleansing with cooled, boiled water.


Other viral infections, such as the herpes virus, can be more serious and may cause a more prolonged inflammation that can be hard to treat, resulting in ulcers and damage to the corneal surface of the eye.


Viral conjunctivitis usually lasts a matter of days, and complications are extremely rare.


For most people, the infection clears up within a week without needing specific treatment. Antibiotics make very little difference, so nowadays they’re less often recommended. Occasionally a more severe conjunctivitis can develop which involves the cornea (the area of the surface membrane that covers the iris and pupil). This type of conjunctivitis, for example caused by an infection with the Herpes virus in adults, may last several weeks and may require more intensive treatment with antibiotics and steroids, and careful follow-up by a specialist.


Source: BBC Health


If you suffer from viral conjunctivitis, you need not despair since it would not last for a very long time. Just take note of the symptoms, and the treatments that you can do for it.


Why Opt for a Natural Dandruff Treatment

Natural Dandruff Treatment

Natural Dandruff Treatment   If you are suffering from those embarrassing white flakes on your hair, then getting the best natural dandruff treatment would surely be beneficial to you. Natural treatments are regarded as safe and without the side effects that are often experienced by individuals whenever they opt for chemical-based treatments. By using natural dandruff treatments, you would be able to provide yourself with an excellent dandruff cure and ensure that you wouldn’t have to deal with any side effects.


According to Home Remedies For You, there are many things that you may already have around your house that are believed to work well to help reduce the severity or even cure cases of dandruff. Many people extol the virtues of using white vinegar for dandruff. Simply wash your hair and massage your scalp using vinegar and rinse off.  Some people also say that Apple cider vinegar is also very beneficial for dandruff. You may need to use several applications before you see a difference. Lime juice is also said to be beneficial for treating dandruff. Squeeze fresh lime into the palm of your hand and massage it into your scalp.  Let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing off. Lime juice can leave your hair, extremely shiny and free of residue as well.


Source: Home Remedies For You


The use of vinegar was further solidified by Natural Dandruff. Now you have an ingredient that you use at home, which you could also use to treat dandruff. Natural Dandruff stated that:


  • Vinegar is a very effective home remedy for dandruff. Vinegar helps blood circulation near the surface of your skin. Vinegar is also good at fighting bacteria, viruses and yeast – all of which are common causes of dandruff.


  • Vinegar helps relieve the symptoms of dandruff such as an itchy scalp and flaky dandruff.


  • White vinegar and apple cider vinegar are the most popular types used to fight dandruff.


Natural Dandruff also explained the manner that you may use vinegar in treating dandruff:


Using a home vinegar treatment for dandruff is very simple. Simply mix a small amount of vinegar with warm water. As a general rule, add just enough vinegar to change the color of the water. For more severe dandruff, you can use a stronger mixture.


Gently rub your vinegar solution onto your scalp. You always want to use a gentle circular massaging motion using only your fingertips and not fingernails. Rubbing too hard or scratching can cause more harm and damage to the skin and to your hair.


Let the vinegar stay for at least 15 minutes before washing it out. The amount of time you should leave vinegar on your scalp ranges from 15 minutes to several hours. The amount of time depends on how severe your dandruff is and the strength of your vinegar mixture.


Source: Natural Dandruff


You may also implement some dietary changes like what Natural Health and Beauty enumerated.

  • Fried foods should be avoided. Reduce intake of fats, dairy products, sugars, chocolate, seafood, and peanuts. Increase green leafy vegetables and raw foods. Eat a whole foods diet.
  • Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that helps to break down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. A typical dosage for dandruff is 3,000 mcg two times per day. Food sources of biotin include brewer’s yeast, nutritional yeast, whole grains, nuts, egg yolks, sardines, liver, cauliflower, bananas, and mushrooms.
  • Vitamin B complex, especially vitamin B1 and B2.
  • Vitamin A.
  • Omega fatty acids, especially omega-6.
  • Zinc


Source: Natural Health and Beauty


You see, a natural dandruff treatment is not expensive and basically comes from those ingredients that you already have at home. By opting for this, you can now say goodbye to dandruff the natural way.



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