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What Are Kidney Stones

What Are Kidney StonesWhat Are Kidney Stones


Many people ask what are kidney stones and what are the symptoms. Continue reading

Conjunctivitis In Children

Conjunctivitis In ChildrenConjunctivitis In Children


Conjunctivitis in children is a common occurrence since they are susceptible to all types of external factors. Children often expose themselves to bacteria and viruses simply because they romp around, play and would often go to areas where these things are found. Continue reading

Cause Of Dandruff

Cause Of DandruffCause Of Dandruff


There are certainly a lot of people who always wonder about the cause of dandruff. If you look at it closely, dandruff is caused by a lot of factors. Mostly, it is in what you do on a day-to-day basis which can lead to dandruff. Continue reading

Treatment Of Bronchitis

Treatment Of BronchitisTreatment Of Bronchitis


Treatment of bronchitis is important. Treatment is always best sought from a medical practitioner and should be made subsequent to a diagnosis. If you show symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, along with chills, fever and malaise, better seek an appointment with your doctor right away and get diagnosed. Continue reading

How Do You Define Cystitis?

Define CystitsDefine Cystitis


How do you define cystitis? A lot of people know that any type of ailment which has the suffix of “tis” denotes an inflammation of something. It is actually the same in the case of cystitis. Continue reading

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