How To Cure Acid Reflux

How To Cure Acid RefluxHow To Cure Acid Reflux


Many people wonder how to cure acid reflux. This is one of the conditions that can oftentimes be bothersome and in extreme cases debilitating. There are some quick reliefs for acid reflux and there are also long-term ones.


According to Natural News, some of the suggestions on how to cure acid reflux includes organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon in a little bit of water, to eliminate heartburn. This seems counterintuitive in that apple cider vinegar increases stomach acid to aid digestion before meals. But there are many testimonials claiming it works.


You can also use baking soda (bicarbonate of soda, not baking powder), which actually shoots alkalinity way up. A tablespoon in a half cup of water can give immediate relief from heartburn. An ounce or two of unprocessed Aloe Vera juice is good for heartburn and stomach ulcers.


You may also use DGL (deglycyrrhizinated licorice) in chewable tablets or powder. He recommends chewing a couple of tablets or taking a half-teaspoon of the powder in water as often as it takes to get relief. He also likes slippery elm for soothing the esophagus.


Another counterintuitive remedy is a half or full teaspoon of 40,000 heat unit (minimum) cayenne powder in water. Many claim it works. Cayenne is also an inexpensive heart tonic.


Source: Natural News


Some of the long-term cures that you can use to cure acid reflux are provided by CBN. These are nutritional alternatives that you can easily follow. These include the following:


  • Eat relatively small meals, frequently. This decreases stomach distension.
  • Avoid very high fat foods. They directly weaken the LES.
  • Avoid cigarette smoking and limit coffee, chocolate, and alcohol. These directly weaken the LES.
  • Don’t eat for 3 hours before lying down. When you’re upright, gravity works with you.
  • Lose weight. Being overweight increases your risk of GERD.
  • Don’t eat just before strenuous exercise. Strenuous exercise increases the tendency to GERD.
  • Avoid foods that you know cause symptoms, until you’re better. So-called “acid” foods, like oranges and tomatoes, do not cause GERD, but they may irritate an already inflamed esophagus.


Source: CBN


So if you are still wondering how to cure acid reflux, you can always follow the quick reliefs enumerated above and the nutritional alternatives. That way, you won’t have to deal with acid reflux every time.






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