Colds and Flu

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Influenza Symptoms

Influenza SymptomsInfluenza Symptoms

This ailment needs the proper and immediate treatment since it could worsen when not given the proper attention at the outset. Continue reading

Some Fine Cold Remedies For You

Some Fine Cold Remedies For You

A cold affects people regardless of their age or gender. However, it is also something that can be cured easily. Continue reading

Home Remedies For A Cold

home remedies for a coldHome Remedies For A Cold


Colds are among the most common ailments that people suffer from. Children, teenagers, and adults alike can suffer from a cold. This is why it is also quite important that you know about the different home remedies for a cold. Continue reading

How Long Do Colds Last?

How Long Do Colds LastHow Long Do Colds Last?

Getting a cold is common. It is probably the most common ailment that people suffer from. It can occur at any time of the year, although for some, there are seasons where it is more prevalent. Some colds last for a few days only, while others can last for up to two weeks. So how do you contract a cold and how long do colds last? Continue reading

Difference Between Flu And Cold

02Difference Between Flu And Cold


Many people don’t understand  the difference between flu and cold. Sometimes they suffer the symptoms of a cold, yet they would call it as a flu, and vice versa. Continue reading

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