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Influenza Symptoms

Influenza SymptomsInfluenza Symptoms

This ailment needs the proper and immediate treatment since it could worsen when not given the proper attention at the outset. Continue reading

Is Flu Contagious?

Flu ContagiousIs Flu Contagious?


Are you among those wondering whether flu is contagious or not? Flu is the most common ailment that affect men, women and children. Continue reading

Symptoms of Flu

Symptoms of FluSymptoms of Flu


Many people make the mistake of thinking that a severe cold is flu. However, this isn’t so. A flu is quite different from a cold. Its symptoms are certainly much worse and there is always an accompanying fever. Continue reading

Flu Shot Side Effects

Flu Shot Side EffectsFlu Shot Side Effects

Many people wonder about the different flu shot side effects. Just like with any other vaccine, the body would oftentimes exhibit some sort of a reaction to them. Continue reading

Symptoms of Swine Flu

Symptoms of Swine FluSymptoms of Swine Flu

Knowing the various symptoms of swine flu can help people find the proper treatment at the earliest and avoid the condition from getting worse. People are often scared of the thought of contracting swine flu. However if you are familiar with the symptoms, you will be able to take the necessary precautions. Continue reading

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