Constipation Remedies For Adults

Constipation Remedies For Adults

Constipation Remedies For AdultsWith eating habits getting worse at present, you can find lots of individuals looking for constipation remedies for adults. These remedies often include going through some lifestyle changes at home, and also taking medications.


According to, you may be able to prevent and ease constipation by indulging in a lifestyle change. This change will include the following:


Eat foods that contain plenty of fibre. Fibre (roughage) is the part of plant food that is not digested. It stays in your gut and is passed in the stools (faeces). Fibre adds bulk and some softness to the stools. High-fibre foods include:


  • Wholemeal or whole-wheat bread, biscuits and flour.
  • Fruit and vegetables. Aim to eat at least five portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables each day.
  • Wholegrain breakfast cereals such as All-Bran®, Bran Flakes®, Weetabix®, Shredded Wheat® and muesli. A simple thing like changing your regular breakfast cereal can make a big difference to the amount of fibre you eat each day.
  • Brown rice, and wholemeal spaghetti and other wholemeal pasta.


Sorbitol. This is a naturally occurring sugar. It is not digested very well and draws water into the gut, which has an effect of softening the stools. In effect, it acts like a natural osmotic laxative.


Exercise regularly, if possible. Keeping your body active helps to keep your gut moving. It is well known that disabled people, and bed-bound people (even if just temporarily whilst admitted to hospital), are more likely to get constipated.


Toileting routines. Do not ignore the feeling of needing the toilet. Some people suppress this feeling if they are busy. It may result in a backlog of faeces that is difficult to pass later. When you go to the toilet, it should be unhurried, with enough time to ensure that you can empty your bowel.


Laxatives. This can be bought at the pharmacy and can be used to treat both short-term and long-term constipation.


There are four main groups of laxatives that work in different ways:


Bulk-forming laxatives.

Stimulant laxatives.

Osmotic laxatives.

Faecal (stool) softener laxatives.




If you are unsure with regards to the laxatives, you can actually consult your physician. Aside from the mentioned treatments, another good constipation remedies for adults is drinking plenty of water. According to Constipation Remedies for Adults, water is considered one of the best remedies for adults out there. Boost the amount of water you drink throughout the day. You may be getting enough fiber, but are not taking in enough water for the fiber to absorb. In order to act as a cure for constipation, fiber needs to soak in water, which allows it to expand and help clear your intestinal tract. If you are eating plenty of high fiber foods and are still constipated, drink more water!


Source: Constipation Remedies for Adults


Take note of these constipation remedies for adults and you will be able to overcome constipation in no time. These can also be used as preventive measures to help you not get constipated.

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