What Stops Diarrhea?

What Stops DiarrheaWhat Stops Diarrhea?

Many people are wondering what stops diarrhea which is a common ailment.  So take a look at some of the best ways that you can apply whenever you are suffering from this condition.  

According to NHS, diarrhea will usually clear up without treatment after a few days because the immune system fights off the infection.

In children, the symptoms of diarrhea will usually pass within five to seven days. In most cases, diarrhea does not last more than two weeks.

In adults, diarrhea usually improves within two to four days. However, it can last longer depending on the particular type of infection involved. For example:

  • rotavirus – three to eight days
  • norovirus – about two days
  • campylobacter and salmonella infections – two to seven days
  • giardiasis – several weeks

While waiting for your diarrhea to pass, you can ease your symptoms by following the advice outlined below. This advice also applies if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and have diarrhea.

Source: NHS

About.com has provided us with some of the best ways to stop diarrhea. These are all outlined below:

  • Avoid dehydration. Drink lots of clear fluid — no alcohol or caffeine. Milk will usually prolong diarrhea, but it might help provide nutrients for folks with very mild cases. For moderate to severe cases, use an electrolyte solution like Gatorade or Pedialyte.
  • Eat probiotic yogurt. These active cultures can ease the symptoms of some types of diarrhea and shorten their duration.
  • Try the BRAT diet: bananas, rice, apples or applesauce, and dry toast. This diet is often suggested for kids, but adults can eat it as well. It’s not necessary to restrict kids or adults to this diet, but adding these foods may help shorten episodes of diarrhea.
  • Avoid diarrhea medications, unless the doctor tells you to take them. The function of diarrhea is to rid the body of bad bugs. Often the only way to get better is to suffer through the loose stools.
  • Get plenty of rest.

Source: About.com

So if you suffer from diarrhea, you may always refer to the suggestions above so that you may be able to shorten the condition. Try the BRAT diet. It has always been an effective tool in fighting diarrhea.


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