Foods To Avoid With Gout

Tasty sausages with beerFoods To Avoid With Gout

Gout is a painful condition that affects the joints. Since gout can be triggered by food, those who suffer from it need to be very careful about what they eat.


According to Body and Soul, gout is an arthritic condition caused by swelling of the joints that often strikes out of the blue and can be extremely painful.


However, the good news is that this is the only form of arthritis where there is clear medical evidence showing that a change in diet can result in significant benefits.


“Gout is caused when crystals of uric acid – a natural waste product in the body – form in the joints,” explains Kate Di Prima, spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia. “Food that contains high levels of purines produces more uric acid, so start by avoiding those if you suffer from gout.”


She lists red meat, offal and sweetbreads, gravy, stock cubes and yeast extracts such as Vegemite on her no-go list. Some shellfish and certain fish such as herring, sardines, mackerel and anchovies are also high in purines, which are natural chemicals found in both plant and animal cells.


Unfortunately, these are also the oily fish containing omega-3 fats, found to reduce inflammation with some forms of arthritis. However, foods rich in omega-3 also include linseeds, linseed and canola oil, and walnuts.


Source: Body and Soul


Active Beat has provided us with a detailed explanation of some of the foods that must not be eaten by those who are suffering from gout.


  • Fish. If you suffer from attacks of gout, you may want to stay away from foods high in purine. Moderate levels of purine in your diet may not affect gout, but high levels will. Fish with high levels of purine include herring, sardines, carp, cod, haddock, salmon, trout, tuna, and anchovies.


  • Alcohol. Consuming alcohol is one of the biggest triggers of a painful gout attack. Studies have shown that beer in particular is dangerous. One serving of beer a day can increase your risk by 50%. Beer in particular has high levels of purine, explaining its particular risk. Other alcoholic drinks to avoid include hard liquor and wine.


  • Caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it can reduce the water in your body. This is dangerous if you suffer from gout. The uric acid crystals are suspended in your blood, but if you become dehydrated they can crystallize at your joints. Stay away from multiple cups around the same time. This could be just enough to trigger a gout attack.


  • Organ Meats. Animal organs are typically high in purine, making organ meats bad triggers for gout. Stay away from the liver, heart, lungs, and spleen of animals.


  • Fried Foods. Fatty foods can trigger a painful gout attack, so fried foods are ones to avoid. It has been shown that people with a higher body mass index are more at risk for developing gout. Fried foods can not only trigger an attack, they could be putting you at risk for chronic gout.


  • Beef. Beef is one of the highest whole foods with a great amount of purine. The entire animal has moderate to high levels. Some of the cuts with the highest amount include beef chuck, beef tenderloin, beef ribs, roast beef, and beef shoulder.


Source: Active Beat


Gout attacks are indeed painful. So in order to avoid such an attack, it is advisable that you stay away from these foods.

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