Hair Essentials For Hair Growth

Hair Essentials For Hair Growth


Are you trying to figure out what is the best hair essentials for hair growth? Below are some of the best tips that you would need if you want to make your hair grow really fast.


According to an article from WikiHow, too much styling can hurt your hair. It probably looks fantastic on you, but it’s not the best way to grow your hair long. Certain chemical applications and cleansers may cause thinning, damage or even hair loss if used incorrectly. Styling your hair in certain manners may make hair loss even worse. It’s okay to style your hair in isolation, but repeated styling can make damage to hair even worse.


Try not to repeatedly perm, crimp, chemically or mechanically straighten, curl, bleach or color hair. These processes can cause serious damage to your hair, altering the natural makeup of each strand and putting unnecessary strain on them. Excessive heat, in either a blow-drier or straightener, can singe the hair, so try to manually dry your hair whenever possible.


Brush and comb sparingly. There used to be a myth out there than brushing your hair 100 times a day would promote hair growth. Not only is this false, brushing your hair to excess can actually pull hairs out of the scalp. Use a wide-toothed comb and never comb like a madman.


Don’t use rubber bands to style or pin the hair back. If you need to pull your hair back and pin it up, use a hair tie. The hair tie won’t cause the hair to get stuck on its surface as much, pulling it from its roots.


Avoid using styles that put unnecessary stress on hair. Cornrows and tight ponytails, for example, are no-nos because pin the hair back, putting stress on the follicle. Instead, try to opt for a hairstyle that minimizes the stress on your follicles, so they can promote healthy growth.


Source: WikiHow


Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are other things that you can do in order to help give you better hair growth.


According to, you should do the following:


Get Regular Trims


This sounds counterproductive if you want your hair to grow longer, but trims help get rid of dry, damaged and split ends which can work their way up the shaft of your hair, causing even more damage. A trim is defined as removing ¼ to ½ inch of hair, nothing more. If your stylist insists on cutting off inches of hair every time you go in for a visit, your hair won’t get longer, so either find a professional who understands exactly how much hair you need removed or learn to trim your hair yourself. Depending on the chemicals you have in your hair as well as your daily routine, you may need a trim anywhere from every six weeks to six months. The better you care for your hair on a day-to-day basis, the less often you’ll need trims.


Use Moisturizing Products


Because black hair is often dry by nature, it’s best to use products that replace needed moisture. This includes using shampoos and conditioners formulated for dry and/or damaged hair. These products don’t have to come strictly from the “ethnic” hair aisle, either; many mainstream brands make hair products for different types of hair, from oily to dry.


Low Manipulation


There’s no need to brush your hair 100 strokes per night before going to sleep. In fact, the less you do to black hair, the more it flourishes.




The tips mentioned above are all important for better and longer hair. Sometimes, we tend to listen to myths a lot especially when it comes to growing hair. So better take not of the recommendations mentioned here.

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