The Best Yeast Infection Home Remedy Is Always Within Your Reach

Best Yeast Infection Home Remedy

best yeast infection home remedyIf you are suffering from a yeast infection, then you better find the best yeast infection home remedy so that the feelings of discomfort caused by the infection could be alleviated, and at the same time, you would be able to slowly treat the infection. A yeast infection could happen in your mouth, on your skin and even on the vagina. When you suffer from it, you will be experiencing rashes and itchiness on the affected part of your body. You may also find it difficult to digest food if this infection unfortunately affects your mouth.

According to Medline Plus, candida is the scientific name for yeast. It is a fungus that lives almost everywhere, including in your body. Usually, your immune system keeps yeast under control. If you are sick or taking antibiotics, it can multiply and cause an infection.

Yeast infections affect different parts of the body in different ways:

  • Thrush is a yeast infection that causes white patches in your mouth
  • Esophagitis is thrush that spreads to your esophagus, the tube that takes food from your mouth to your stomach. Esophagitis can make it hard or painful to swallow
  • Women can get vaginal yeast infections, causing itchiness, pain and discharge
  • Yeast infections of the skin cause itching and rashes
  • Yeast infections in your bloodstream can be life-threatening

Antifungal medicines eliminate yeast infections in most people. If you have a weak immune system, treatment might be more difficult.

Source: Medline Plus


Now, if you would want to treat infection, having the best yeast infection home remedy could be of great help to you. There are different kinds of home remedies that you can use to treat the infection. For example, you could add yogurt and garlic on your diet because this can help lessen the infection.

According to Home Remedies For Yeast Infection, all of the following yeast infection home remedies can be used in combination. Experiment a bit. See what works for you. If you find one remedy easier to prepare and use then go with that first. Remember it’s your body and your health.


Yogurt is the first step in your fight against yeast infection. In fact, it effectiveness is geting so well known that even some professional medical folks will recommend it. Yogart may be used in two ways in your treatment: first, by adding to your diet and, second, by applying it directly to the infected area.

Why yogurt?

Well, it turns out that yogurt is a great natural source of lactobacillus acidophilus which is one of your body’s “friendly bacteria”. When a woman gets a vaginal yeast infection her normal community of micro-organisms has gotten out of balance somehow thus opening the way for the rapid growth of the yeast fungus Candida. Therefore, supplying your body with extra acidophilus should be a part of any treatment using yeast infection home remedies.

Acidophilus and Probiotics

“What if don’t like yogurt? What if I’m lactose intolerate?”

No problem. A good alternative to yogurt is to buy acidophilus in any other form. Your local natural food store should offer a variety of choices: tablets, capsules, liquids – many are even non-dairy. These forms of acidophilus can be taken orally and also applied directly in place of yogurt.

Acidophilus capsuals are also offered which have a combination of other “friendly bacteria” that your body needs. These are popularly called “probiotics” to emphasize that they have the opposite affect than “antibiotics”.


Garlic has well-known anti-bacterial and anti-fungul properties. In fact, clinical trials have indicated significant anti-fungal response against several common fungi, including Candida albicans, the micro-organism behind yeast infections. Just like yogurt, garlic maybe be used both as a dietary supplement AND also directly applied to affected areas. Yogurt and garlic are the two leading choices among yeast infection home remedies.

It’s always best to use fresh garlic from your local market. Eat a clove of fresh garlic once or twice a day at the on-set of yeast infection. However, if fresh garlic isn’t available (or you just have a strong distaste for it) health food stores and even many supermarkets now sell garlic capsules. It’s also available on dozens of on-line retailers.

Avoid Yeasty Foods

Since “you are what you eat” anyone suffering from any type of yeast infection should take a careful look at what they’ve been eating. You should absolutely discontinue taking any nutritional yeast supplements such as brewers yeast. In addition, hold off on yeast-based breads and other baked goods, atleast until your yeast infection is under control. Reintroduce them slowly after your symptoms have clear up. All of the yeast infection home remedies listed here will only be enhanced by a healthy diet.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is also an effective remedy for yeast infection. The oil is available in natural food stores or on-line. Direct application should always be diluted. Women can put a few drops of oil into a lukewarm sitz bath. Tea Tree oil is a strong antiseptic and may cause irritation for some women. If you notice any discomfort, rinse the area with lots of plain water and discontinue use.

For vaginal infections, application can either be using Tea Tree oil suppositories or you can use a suitable applicator covered with a vaginal lubricant such as K-Y jelly add a few drops of Tea Tree oil. Some people find that the oil can cause some stinging on contact with sensitive areas so use only a few drops diluted with additional K-Y if necessary. You may want to check with your doctor or health practisioner before using Tea Tree oil as one of your yeast infection home remedies.

Source: Home Remedies For Yeast Infections


It is only you who could say which among these remedies would be considered as the best yeast infection home remedy for you. You could always prepare these remedies since they can easily be prepared at home. That way, when you or one of your family members is affected by it, the best yeast infection home remedy would just be within your reach.

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