How Do You Get Hemorrhoids

How Do You Get HemorrhoidsHow Do You Get Hemorrhoids


There are a lot of people who are wondering how do you get hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids are actually caused by blood vessels that have swollen in the anal area. The size of hemorrhoids can vary. Some are only the size of a pea, while others would become large enough to be as big as a grape. If you are wondering whether hemorrhoids are painful or not, the answer to this is a big yes!


According to Treatment For Hemorrhoids, a person suffering from hemorrhoids might suffer severe pain and twinge or severe itching. However one may get a cure from it if suffering from minor hemorrhoids or if they are discovered at its initial stages. Certain home remedies can be applied for its cure which may give fruitful results. There are various hemorrhoid creams, ointments and other medications which might have a great impact.


Source: Treatment For Hemorrhoids


When hemorrhoids are already at their worse, they would usually need surgical treatments, and these are more painful. So if you don’t want to find yourself suffering the degree of pain that those with hemorrhoids face, it is best that you avoid the possible causes of hemorrhoids.


Health Guidance has provided answers to the question how do you get hemorrhoids, and enumerated the possible causes of such. These include the following:


  • Constipation


  • Alcoholism or drinking too many alcoholic drinks


  • Being pregnant and not eating enough fiber


  • Doing daily heavy lifting and holding your breath while you do it


  • Eating excessive processed foods, which are low in fiber and move slowly through your colon


  • General body weakness, which will affect the colon function


  • Having a predisposition to constipation or inheriting a weakness in the colon and rectum area


  • Holding fecal matter too long in the rectum causing pressure to buildup in the rectum veins – postponing a bowel movement


  • Having a weak liver, which reduces the amount of bile released into the intestines. Bile helps to active peristaltic action


  • Having inflammation in the rectum that causes you to have constipation


  • Irregular eating patterns


  • Lack of protein leading to weak tissues and slow healing of wounds


  • Not eating foods that keep you constipation free such as fiber, vegetables, essential fatty acids, protein, water


  • Not getting the right vitamins and minerals in your food


  • Being overweight


  • Poor muscle tone in the anal area from lack of exercise


  • Pressure on rectum veins from cysts or tumor in the colon


  • Sitting in a chair at home, at work, in a car, or in a truck for long periods


  • Using laxatives to the point where your colon no longer works properly and you end up with constipation


Source: Health Guidance


Make sure that you take note of the possible causes of hemorrhoids and start taking precautionary measures to avoid them, that way, you may properly advise individuals when they ask, how does one get hemorrhoids and how to avoid them?



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