How To Cure A Yeast Infection In Men

How To Cure A Yeast Infection In Men

How To Cure A Yeast Infection In MenYeast infection does not only occur in women. In fact, many men suffer from it as well. If you are one of those who are looking for ways on how to cure a yeast infection in men, then you will certainly find the following information helpful.


According to Yeast Infection in Men, the same treatments used for yeast infections in women can also be used for men. For first-time yeast infections, the patient should be examined and properly diagnosed by a doctor to be sure yeast is indeed the problem. In some cases a sexually transmitted disease can be mistaken for a yeast infection, so visiting a doctor is very important to make sure something more serious is not overlooked.


Once diagnosed, the same treatments commonly used by women can be used for men. This includes over the counter ointments, which are applied directly to the affected area, and oral medications which attack the yeast from within. Sometimes a combination of both methods may be used in particularly aggressive infections.


For those who suffer recurrent yeast infections, a holistic yeast infection cure might be necessary. This will address various underlying causes for the repeat infection, such as weak immune system and nutritional concerns.


In most cases a yeast infection in men will go away in a week or less, if remedies are used as intended. For more serious infections or those that recur, consultation with a physician may be needed to rule out underlying medical problems that may be contributing to the problem.


Source: Yeast Infection in Men


There are also other steps that you might want to take in order to cure a yeast infection in men. In one publication of eHow, it provided the following steps that you can opt for when you are suffering from yeast infection:


Do a colon cleanse. This cleans the colon of all the toxins and waste bacteria and neutralizes the body of any acidity. Yeast grow more in an acidic environment, so a good colon cleanse is a good way to start your treatment. Yeast is also considered to be toxin in the body and the cleansing the colon will help to get rid of it. While you are doing the colon cleanse, do not eat any dairy products, grain (gluten), soy, wheat, eggs, splenda, Trans fats or fructose or any foods that contain yeast.


Use Cold coconut oil (pressed) for male yeast infection treatment. It can be in the form of pills or in a bottle (liquid form) or even extra virgin coconut oil, which you can get at your local health food store. A 2001 study done by Gudmundur Bergsson, et. al (Anatomy Dept. , University of Iceland) proved that this helps to kill the yeast.


Garlic has properties that are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. At the occurrence of yeast infection, eat one clove of garlic that you buy from your grocery store each day or twice per day. I know this will taste horrible, but it is good for you in more sense than just one. Garlic is also good for sinuses. If you cannot stand the taste, then go the health food store and purchase garlic pills.


You can also apply the garlic directly to the affected area. Wrap the clove of garlic in gauze and tie it. You can lubricate it with tea tree oil and rub it on the area. to treat a vaginal infection can be done in a variety of ways.


Take a hot sitz bath and include vinegar. This helps to sooth the skin and keeps it free of itching. Restoring the body’s PH balance helps to stop the growth of the yeast.


Eat Yogurt Daily. Make sure this is a plain (no sugar added) yogurt. Yogurt is a good product for getting rid of male yeast infection. Most Yogurt products contain lactobacillus acidophilus. This is exactly what your body needs to ignite the “friendly bacterium”. If you don’t like yogurt (as some people have a problem with lactose), then acidophilus pills are your next option. You can get these at any local health food store at minimal cost.


Source: eHow


So if you are still wondering how to cure a yeast infection in men, then you can always make use of these treatments in order to help alleviate the symptoms and treat the condition.

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