What Is Nervous Diarrhea?

Nervous Diarrhea

Nervous DiarrheaMany people suffer from nervous diarrhea. You might even have already suffered from it before, but you just didn’t realize it. This condition usually happens whenever you are faced with anxiety or stress. Sometimes, when you are confronted with a situation that you are not prepared for, you end up feeling nervous and this nervousness is translated into diarrhea. This is very disconcerting considering that this condition usually arises in the wrong place and time.

According to Health Scout, nervous diarrhea has something to do with IBS, otherwise known as irritable bowel syndrome. Its explanation is found right below:


“Nervous diarrhea,” in its more severe form a component of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), is very common and often shows up briefly when we face the stress of a term paper or a job interview. However, some people suffer nervous stress fairly constantly and may have continuous diarrhea because of it.


Source: Health Scout


An article published in Buzzle, called this condition as “nervous stomach anxiety”, which is the body’s response to extreme stress. It stated that the blood flow is diverted from the stomach, and goes towards the muscle tissues. This is also called as the body’s fighting response, where the beneficial nutrients from the food that is eaten is absorbed by the body, and the digestion process becomes negatively affected. It further explained that:


This is the main reason behind nervous stomach anxiety. Nervous stomach anxiety symptoms are seen in various forms and can be different according to response towards anxiety and stress, of each individual. Nervous stomach anxiety symptoms are mainly:


Fluttery feeling (the one that we call butterflies)

Churning stomach

Increased pulse rate

Feeling jumpy and scared

Stomach cramps

Nasty taste in mouth

Sickness and nausea

Vomiting and diarrhea


To accompany all or some of these symptoms, there is a constant feeling of uneasiness in the stomach that makes a person unable to perform his daily work. Many people argue that the nervous stomach anxiety is actually a myth and an imaginary concept that can go away when neglected. Well, without getting into such arguments, let’s concentrate on the treatment for nervous stomach anxiety. Read more on relaxation techniques for anxiety


The best treatment for nervous stomach anxiety is finding the best available anxiety cures. There are many anxiety cures available that can be beneficial to treat anxiety and its symptoms like nervous stomach.


Source: Buzzle


The article also advised that aside from the anxiety cures that could be implemented, it is also important to keep oneself busy and to engage in a truly pleasing work. That way, you may avoid suffering from nervous diarrhea.



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