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Natural Health Treatment

Why Natural Health Treatment and Natural Health Options?

Every year more than 50% of people in the USA, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the UK are opting for alternative and natural health treatment and therapies.


This trend has been growing dramatically every year.


These people are spending well in access of $60 billion per year on natural health treatment.



Natural Health Treatment is Safe and It Works

The reasons for this trend are pretty simple – alternative and natural health treatments are safe and it works! There is no doubt that conventional medicine has it place and that it works well in the cases of trauma and emergency (you don’t call your naturopath or herbalist when you have broken your arm or if you get hit by a car). However more and more people have come to realize that conventional medicine is not as effective as natural health treatment options when it comes to prevention, chronic disease, mental and emotional needs.


The Body’s Natural Power to Heal Itself

More and more people begin to understand that the body actually has the power to heal itself as long as you provide it the right nutrition and conditions. They also realize and experience first hand how the body can some times rebel against the introduction of unnatural substances (i.e. prescription drugs) known as side effects. Sometimes the treatment is worse than the disease.


Natural Health Treatment

Natural Health Treatment

Natural medicine frowns upon the conventional approach and follow and approach where the body is given the right conditions and treatment so that it can cure itself.


The result of this approach is remarkable and so many of the “untreatable or incurable or autoimmune” diseases of conventional medicine is cured by natural medicine through this approach i.e. rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, endometriosis, cancer and many more.


Natural medicine do not except “untreatable or incurable or autoimmune” disease.


The body actually has the power to heal itself of any disease.


Treatment of Symptoms in Stead of the Root Cause

One of the most common criticisms against conventional medicine is that it treats the symptoms and not the cause. If you experience pain the doctor will prescribe a pain killer, if you have the flu they will prescribe something dry up your nose and stop the cough or bring the fever down.

Conventional medicine

Conventional medicine


In other words conventional treatment can be compared to someone who removes the oil warning light on his car’s dashboard when the car runs low on oil!


In fact conventional medicine has been admitting for years now that they can actually not cure any diseases (other than those that they can treat with surgery). They have admitted that they can only treat symptoms and have not been able to even find a cure for the common cold. Therefore they classify so many diseases and conditions as incurable.


Alternative medicine does not accept this at all.



How Is It Different From Conventional Treatment?

To most of the world’s population, (over 80 per cent) alternative medicine is not “alternative” at all, but rather the basis of the health care system. Alternative medicine actually encompasses a very large array of different systems and therapies ranging from ayurvedic medicine to vitamin therapy.

  1. Conventional medicine is good for the treatment of trauma and emergencies while alternative medicine excels in the treatment of chronic disease.
  2. Conventional medicine focuses on the symptoms (i.e. a pain killer for a headache or arthritis pain) while natural health treatment systems focus on finding and treating the cause of a disorder.
  3. Conventional medicine uses aggressive intervention to treat disease and prefers quick fixes while alternative medicine believes in gentle, long-term support to enable the body’s own powers to do the healing.
  4. Conventional medicine’s main treatment options are surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and expensive powerful drugs (aka as the cut burn and poison approach). Alternative medicine uses time-tested, natural remedies and gentle, hands-on treatments.
  5. Both conventional and alternative medicine ascribes to the principle “Do no harm”. However, while alternative medicine is essentially achieving this goal, conventional medicine seems to have almost totally lost sight of it. Hospitals are now the third largest killer in Australia and over one million people are seriously injured in American hospitals every year. Blood infections acquired in American hospitals cause 62,000 fatalities every year and bypass surgery results in 25,000 strokes a year. Two million patients experience adverse drug reactions in hospitals in the United States every year; of these, over 100,000 die making hospital-induced adverse drug reactions the fourth leading cause of death after heart disease, cancer, and stroke.
  6. The major source of funds for medical research is pharmaceutical companies who are very reluctant to support investigations into lifestyle modifications, vitamins, and other unpatentable products.
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