Acne Vulgaris

Acne VulgarisAcne Vulgaris What is It?

Acne Vulgaris is a very common form of acne that men and women suffer from. It occurs primarily during puberty. There are women who experience  pimples when they have their menstruation. Some people would no longer experience this condition when they reach their twenties, but there are still many who do. In fact, 6% of adults between 25 and 40 years old, often end up with chronic acne.


Acne Vulgaris Causes

  • Androgens. The appearance of acne on the face is usually brought about by excessive production of androgens, or the male sex hormones. Don’t think that it is only the male populace who have androgens in their body, but women also produce androgens, but much lesser. These androgens stimulate the sebaceous cells to produce a lot more sebum, which actually plugs the hair follicles of the skin. When hair follicles are plugged, the sebum begins to put pressure on the pore, until it finally erupts, releasing the sebum on the surrounding skin. The skin then gets infected and creates the ever-hated pimple.
  • Stress. One of the major factors that could worsen acne is stress. It stimulates the adrenal glands to produce more hormones and contribute to a  slow healing process. The adrenal glands located above the kidneys produce various hormones under stress, one of which is the male hormones. Undergoing stress means your body produces more male hormones, thereby stimulating the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum. Thus, more hair follicles are plugged, increasing the growth of acne.
  • Excessive intake of iodized salt, saturated fats coming from animal produce, dairy, various deficiencies including Omega 6, Vitamin A and B6, certain minerals like zinc and chromium.
  • Food sensitivities. These would include eggs, chicken, citrus, dairy, and nightshade vegetables (potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum, tobacco, chillies).
  • Toxins in the body.
  • Make-up products that clog the skin.
  • Constant skin squeezing, which could lead to the bacteria spreading all over the face.


Acne Vulgaris Diagnosis, Signs and Symptoms 

  • Slightly raised pimples. These are inflamed pilosebaceous ducts, and topped with a pustule.
  • The cysts or blind spots are much deeper pimples, which do not rise to the skin’s surface
  • The blackheads are in reality whiteheads. What makes them black is the melanin pigment that comes from the hair.
  • Inflammation, scarring, and redness are evident and can be seen surrounding the pimple area.
  • Usually found on the face, buttocks, chest, and back.


Remedies, Treatment and Cure for Acne Vulgaris

Helpful Lifestyle Tips

Exercise at least thrice a week. This would help improve blood flow and reduce your stress levels.


Proper Skin Hygiene

  • Wash your skin carefully. Use pH balanced lotions. Avoid soaps.
  • Avoid using mineral oil-based makeup. If you can, avoid using them altogether, because these things could clog your pores.
  • Wash your makeup brushes and sponges with antibacterial shampoo. You can also use tea tree oil and hot water. Blowdry carefully. Anything dirty, like utensils, may contain bacteria and could aggravate acne.
  • Lavender oil, tea tree oil, and calendula products help in preventing the infection. These also help in improving the appearance of acne, particularly the inflammation and redness. You can apply these on skin using a cotton ball.
  • Use Vitamin E, evening primrose oil, calendula oil, jojoba or rosehip mixed with the right essential oil can help to maintain the balance of the skin’s oil production.
  • Do not wash skin very often since it could stimulate the skin to produce more oil.


Ace Vulgaris Diet (What to eat and what not)

Foods to Avoid

  • Refined carbohydrates. This would include soft drinks, white flour products, and sugary foods.
  • Milk and milk products
  • Fried foods
  • Margarine
  • Allergy-causing foods like chicken, eggs, and dairy. Try to find out your food sensitivities first before jumping to conclusions.


Friendly Foods

  • Eat whole foods. This is the best diet you could have. Opt for unrefined and whole foods instead of going for processed foods.
  • Increase dietary fibre consumption. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Choose lean meats. Eat fish for your protein needs.
  • Drink the adequate amount of water. Go for 8-9 glasses a day.
  • Use herbal salt instead of iodized salt.


Acne Vulgaris Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs

  • Vitamin A could reduce sebum production. You can also opt for oral Vitamin A. High dosages of Vitamin A are required in order for acne to dry up. 5000iu – 8000 iu is highly recommended. If you have any disease that is directly related to the liver or are pregnant, consult your physician first before taking this dosage of Vitamin A.
  • Zinc is vital for skin health. It could increase skin-healing within 12 weeks. Taking a dose of zinc amino acid chelate of up to 45 mg daily can do wonders. Non-oily zinc cream can help as well.
  • 100mg of Vitamin B6, together with B complex, could help women with acne especially those with premenstrual aggravation.
  • 300mcg of chromium and 200mcg of selenium assist in skin healing too.
  • Flax oil, along with evening primrose oil, provide Omega 6 oil, could help disrupt sebum production since Omega 6 is deficient in sebum. 1 tbsp of flax oil and 3000mg of evening primrose oil will be ideal.



Herbs are among those that can treat acne effectively. You can use them along with maintaining a nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water.


Liver-cleansing Herbs

  • Dandelion. 3g – 5g of a dandelion’s root daily.
  • Milk Thistle. 9g – 10g of seed daily will help to enhance bile flow and to detoxify the liver.
  • Burdock. 2g – 6g of Burdock dried root could help in cleansing the blood and is specifically indicated for acne.


Hormone Balancing Herb

Chaste Tree. Used to balance acne causing hormones. This balances androgen levels in the body. 750 mg taken twice daily is recommended.


Stress Relieving Herbs

  • Ginseng. Taken with B complex.
  • Liquorice. This is also taken with B complex.
  • Passionflower. Must be taken with B complex as well.


Skin Regenerating Herbs

  • Echinacea. 1200 mg daily could enhance skin regeneration.
  • Olive Leaf extract. 270mg taken three times a day could help regenerate the skin as well.
  • Calendula. 1ml – 4ml daily.


Scarring Solution Herb

Rosehip Oil. Apply a mixture of rosehip oil and Vitamin E to the scar.

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