AlcoholismWhat is Alcoholism?

One of the major challenges that society faces today is alcoholism. This has destroyed lives, families, relationships, and has even been the cause of various crimes. This disorder can be cured as long as the individual is willing to take the proper steps to overcome it.

In plain terms, alcoholism refers to an addiction of alcohol. The individual loses the ability to refrain from consuming alcohol and the body has become used to having alcohol as part of its normal system. The drive to consume alcohol is usually brought forth by either physical or psychological reasons.

The World Health Organization (WHO) included alcoholism as among the three deadliest killer disorders of our time.


Getting to Know Alcohol and What Devastating Effects it Can Have

For those who familiar with the origins of alcohol, it might come as a surprise to find out that it is not a natural product of nature. It is a result of decomposition and therefore can be considered as belonging to a family of poisons. The main intoxicating ingredient of various products like wine, beer, and other distilled liquor comes from ethyl alcohol. This toxic drug depresses the nervous system, including the brain.

Alcohol cannot be considered as food, since it passes through the alimentary canal and is not broken down by digestion or any other process. It is absorbed by the bloodstream quickly and travels to other parts of the body causing harm to vital organs like the liver and the brain.


What Causes Alcoholism?

The major cause of alcoholism is immoderate drinking. At times, you could fall victim to it in an instant, and at other times, it would take years before you truly become an alcoholic. Usually, when the mind is weak, people turn to either drugs or alcohol. It would then temporarily relieve the anxieties and troubles clouding the mind. But unfortunately the person would wake up realizing that the problems had not gone away. So the person starts drinking again trying to escape the problems and that is usually the beginning of a viscious circle.

Other reasons why people indulge in alcohol are to cheer up their social life, to induce sleep, or to overcome anxieties. The moment the person is depending on alcohol to feel normal then he/she surely has become an alcoholic.


Diagnosis, Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

The World Health Organization has described alcoholics as follows; “Alcoholics are those excessive drinkers whose dependence on alcohol has attained such a degree that it shows a noticeable mental disturbance or interference with their bodily or mental health, their interpersonal relations and their smooth social and economic functions, or who show the prodormal signs of such development.”

Some external characteristics of alcoholics are:

  • Puffy face
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Rapid pulse and a hoarse voice
  • They get suspicious easily and are often irritable.
  • Over-emotional
  • Vomiting
  • Delirium
  • Impaired judgment
  • Disturbed sleep

There are also those referred to as chronic alcoholics. These people would prefer drinking to eating. They lack vitamins, since whatever vitamins they take are actually drained from the system, as the alcohol is burned by the body. Once the body lacks the vitamins it needs, it would then suffer from delirium tremors, impaired memory, eye disorders, and convulsions. Excessive drinking also leads to graying of hair.

Chronic alcoholism depletes the minerals from the body, specifically magnesium. When the body does not have enough magnesium, the person would feel tremors in the hands, feet and tongue, mental clouding, convulsions, and even perspiration.

When taken excessively, alcohol also damages the liver. It destroys the natural functions of and causes cirrhosis of the liver. This would then lead to stomach and bowel disorders. Brain damage can also happen; and the heart is affected too, becoming more weak and flabby.


Remedies, Treatment and Cure for Alcoholism

Willingness to Overcome

Before any alcoholic could be treated, he must recognize that there is a problem and that the only way that it can be resolved is for him to stop drinking! The alcoholic must stop drinking all at once since it cannot be resolved if he would do it gradually.


Cleansing Juice Fast

Build integrity soaps. This would prevent the alcoholic from craving for drinks. One must go through a “cleansing juice fast” for at least 10 days. The alcoholic needs to drink juice every two hours commencing from 8AM to 8PM. The juice could be diluted if so desired. In lieu of orange juice, in case the alcoholic does not like it, vegetable juice could be used.

While the alcoholic is undergoing the juice fast, he would not be feeling any craving for alcohol. This gives the body a 10 day head-start towards breaking the habit. This does not only remove physical dependence but also gets rid of psychological ones.


Diet for Alcoholism

Foods to Avoid

  • Refined foods like sugar, macaroni, white rice and flour, meat
  • Pepper
  • Mustard
  • Chili

Friendly Foods

  • Apples
  • Raw celery


Rest and Exercise

Aside from the foods and cleansing that you would be eating, rest and relaxation also play a huge role in ensuring that an alcoholic overcomes his alcoholism.


The Ten Commandments to Prevent Alcoholism

by Dr. William B. Terhune:

  • Never drink when you ‘need one’.
  • Sip slowly.
  • Dilute your alcohol.
  • Space your drink several minutes apart. Wait for about 30 minutes before you go for your second drink, your third must be another 30 minutes after your second.
  • Record the amount and the number of drinks you take.
  • Do not hide or conceal the number of drinks you take.
  • Stop drinking on ‘signal’ like lunch dinner, fatigue, etc.
  • Do not indulge in a drinking spree to escape either mental or physical discomfort
  • Do not ever drink in the morning because it will not cure a hangover.
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