Back Pain

Back PainWhat Causes Back Pain?

  • Poor lifting habits. Whenever one lifts something from the floor, the tendency is always to bend, causing much strain on the back. This contributes to back pain. You could find a lot of companies today having their staff trained on how to execute the proper lifting to avoid injuries and occurrence of back pain.
  • Poor posture. The back is made of a column of 33 pieces of bones called vertebrae. It is also commonly known as the spinal column. It is further strengthened by ligaments that run the length of the spine. Muscles support the ligaments and are attached to the bones through the tendons. When one has a poor posture, the vertebrae is also not in a straight and ideal position. Hence, back pain could come about.


Foods to Avoid

  • Caffeine. If you are experiencing back pain, then you should avoid foods and drinks that contain caffeine. You see, caffeine kills the body’s endorphins, which is the natural painkillers of the body. When endorphins are killed, then you would be feeling more pain.
  • Meat. This has the ability to exacerbate inflammation and would just worsen back pain.


Friendly Foods

  • Oily fish. The anti-inflammatory properties of oily fish could help in healing any inflammation which might be the possible cause of back pain. You can eat this at least twice a week. Eating a lot more would be better.
  • Fresh rosemary. This could help in healing the body and improves circulation. You can add fresh rosemary to meals.
  • Ginger. Helps improve circulation and also have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Turmeric. Has the same effects with ginger. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also improves circulation.
  • Vitamin C rich foods like cauliflower, sweet potatoes, berries, fresh fruits (most especially cherries), and fresh green leafy vegetables, helps in the production of collages, which actually makes up 90% of the bones. These foods also have mild anti-inflammatory properties that could help in alleviating back pain.


Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs for Back Pain

  • Glucosamine (1500mg daily). This is an amino sugar that helps in restoring the thick gelatinous nature of the tissues and the fluids surrounding the joins, and also in between the vertebrae. This actually takes time but when you feel that the pain has already eased, then you may be able to lower the dose of glucosamine to 500mg daily. This supplement is not recommended for those who suffer from severe sensitivity to shellfish because this is usually made from crab shells that are crushed. You may try looking for a vegetarian glucosamine which is made from corn. Nowadays, you may find companies blending MSM, which is an organic form of sulfur, and has been found more effective for easing pain.
  • Ginger, curcumin, and boswelia (3 – 4 tablets a day). A combination formula of these three can help in reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Calcium (500mg – 1000mg daily) + Magnesium (500mg daily). You will find a lot of pharmaceutical companies making them in a single tablet. These are natural nature tranquilizers that help reduce spasm of muscles.
  • Vitamin C (3g daily). In ascorbate form, this helps in producing collagen.
  • Cayenne pepper capsules (3 – 4 capsules daily). These could help in reducing inflammation and increase circulation in affected area. Remember to take this with food.

More Helpful Hints

  • Consult an osteopath or chiropractor. When you experience any injury, and if it is possible, immediately consult an osteopath or chiropractor. As an instant remedy to help ease the pain, you can wrap the area in ice cubes or you can use a frozen bag of peas wrapped in a towel. The ideal length of time for the ice or frozen bag peas to be placed on the painful area is 10 minutes every hour.
  • A lot of towns at present have alternative centres that include physiotherapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic. These centres also sell gels that help in reducing the pain.
  • Back pain can be traced to poor posture. This is worsened by the sedentary lives that most people lead at present, which in turn weakens the structures that support the spine, making it more prone to injury. Muscle spasm causes much severe back pain.
  • Before you would have yourself undergo surgery, better consult an osteopath or chiropractor for a second opinion. You also need to report any severe and persistent pain that you feel on your back to your doctor.
  • If you feel that you are under so much stress and is extremely tired, then your immune system is weakened and your entire body as well. If this is the case, then you need to give your body that rest it yearns for. You need to do something to change your lifestyle. Acupuncture has been known to tremendously help in many cases and can greatly help in reducing pain and inflammation.
  • You could also try therapeutic essential oils since these have healing properties too.
  • For a general back maintenance, yoga can be very beneficial since it could strengthen it, improve its flexibility, improve posture, and protect it from long term injury.
  • Pilates also helps. After any injury, you can do Pilates to give the body the good health and to maintain the back.
  • Do some more walking. This could help in tightening the abdominal muscles, which then supports the back.
  • Go swimming. This is actually a great exercise for your back because although the muscle work, they are protected from jarring by the supportive action given by the water.
  • Use good bath salts, like Epsom salts as this could help in reducing muscle spasm.
  • Have a weekly aroma therapy. Massaging essential oils on your body could help in eliminating toxins.
  • Always be aware of back pain and go see a health professional immediately. Some back pain are associated with other diseases like a kidney infection.
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