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BoilsWhat are Boils?

Boils are infections that are found on the skin. They are painful abscesses that result whenever there are blockages of the hair follicles. These are often found on the thighs, neck, arms, and buttocks. These boils can spread and can become a collected mass, which is called a carbuncle.


What Causes Boils?

  • Bacteria. The Staphylococcus Aureus skin bacteria cause boils.
  • Low immunity. Boils could also be a symptom of having low immunity against infections.
  • Poor nutrition. Having a diet that is high in sugar, junk foods, and low in fruits and vegetables could lead to boils.
  • Break in the skin that becomes infected with bacteria can develop into boils.
  • Splinters or foreign bodies that get lodged in the skin could also cause boils.
  • Poor hygiene. Not maintaining good hygiene could lead infectious boils to spread faster.
  • Plugged sweat glands. This usually happens in cases of acne, where these sweat glands become infected with bacteria.


Diagnosis, Signs and Symptoms of Boils

Boils would often start with the formation of a red and tender area on the skin. After some time, the same area becomes harder and firmer. After which, the center portion of the boil looks white since it is now filled with white blood cells that fight the infection. When these white blood cells, and protein and bacteria mix, it now becomes pus. Eventually, this pus forms like a head but with a hardened core.


Remedies, Treatment and Cure forBoils

Some Lifestyle Hints for Treating Boils

  • When boils spread, or when they are not reduced within 3 days, it is always ideal to consult a doctor. Other cases where it becomes imperative to consult a doctor is when the area starts to become tender and very painful. When fever starts to manifest, seeing a doctor is also a must.
  • Make sure that you do not neglect your hygiene. A good hygiene is very important so as to keep the boils from spreading. You must wash and dry your hands always and thoroughly.
  • Apply iodine, preferably Lugol’s iodine. Swab the affected area with cotton soaked in iodine. Take 4 drops of Lugol’s iodine every day. Do this for 7 days. If you cannot find Lugol’s iodine, you can use BP tincture iodine and apply it topically. Do not consume the BP tincture since it was made for topical application only.
  • Apply tea tree oil on top of the iodine. This could help in eradicating the infection.

Tips for Better Nutrition

  • Raw or steamed green leafy vegetables can greatly help keep the body strong in fighting the infection. Celery, carrots, broccoli, and fresh fruits are also very good foods to include in the diet.
  • Minimize sugar consumption.
  • Reduce intake of refined carbohydrates.
  • As much as possible, avoid coffee, as well as alcohol, since they could worsen boils.
  • Make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.


  • Take 5000iu of Vitamin A, 1.5g of Vitamin C, and 45mg of Zinc daily. These could help in increasing the ability of the body to resist infections. It also aids in healing wounds.
  • Take one to two capsules of acidophilus bifidus. These are needed for a healthier digestive system, especially after an antibiotic therapy.

Herbs that Help

If you have already begun treating boils with antibiotics, and it seems that the treatment is not very effective, you may combine the following herbs with your treatment if the bacteria appear resistant.

  • To help in eradicating skin infections: 270mg of Olive Leaf Extract taken 6 times daily, 1500mg of Goldenseal daily, 30 drops of Myrrh tincture daily, and 1200mg to 6g of Echinacea taken daily.
  • To help in purifying the blood and get rid of the toxins present in the blood and in the tissues: 2g-4g of Red Clover flowers daily, 2g-4g of Cleavers daily, and 2g-6g of dried root of Burdock daily.
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