Ear Infection

Ear InfectionWhat is Ear Infection?

Ear infection happens when germs or bacteria invade the middle ear, which is the part behind the eardrum that is filled with air. This is more common in children than in adults. Usually, the infection would start from a different part of the body and would just spread towards the middle ear. Once infection is present, there would be fluid build-up in the ear, which would cause pain.


What Causes Ear Infection?

The following are the known causes of ear infection:

  • Bacterial infection
  • Food or environmental allergies
  • Weak immune system
  • Using antibiotics often
  • Environmental aggravation brought about by smoke
  • Exposure to individuals having colds and flu, just like in daycare centres
  • Children who have not been breast-fed are at higher risk for ear infection


Diagnosis, Signs, and Symptoms of Ear Infection

The following are the signs and symptoms that would tell you if you or your child is suffering from ear infection.

  • Ear discharge
  • Diminished hearing
  • Mild fever
  • Earache. This could be a dull ache or a stabbing pain.


Remedies, Treatment and Cure for Ear Infection

In order to effectively treat ear infection, one has to prevent the causes. These would include taking the proper measures to prevent bacteria or germs from getting into the ear, staying away from foods that could cause allergies, strengthening the immune system, avoiding antibiotics, as well as staying away from individuals who have colds and flu. If you have a baby, it would always be best to breastfeed so that she would not be at a high risk for ear infection.

Lifestyle Hint

  • Stay away from chemical irritants and inhalants. Smoke coming from woodburning fires or tobacco are also among those that you must stay away from since these could aggravate external irritation.

Diet for Ear Infection

  • Try to stay away from foods that are considered as allergy foods. These include wheat, eggs, dairy products, artificial colours and preservatives, peanuts, corn, soy, tomatoes, apples, and chicken.
  • Also reduce refined sugar intake. This would include soft drinks and confectionery.
  • Eat a high fruit and vegetable diet. Go for a banana, a slice of wheat-free bread spread, carrot, tofu cubes, chickpeas or lentils.
  • Drink plenty of water. As much as possible at least 8 glasses a day. Include carrot juice in the diet as well.


  • Vitamin A (20,000iu daily). This could help in soothing and healing inflamed mucous membranes lining the ear canals.
  • Vitamin B Complex (Take as directed). This helps in strengthening the immune system.
  • Vitamin C (1500mg daily). This also helps in strengthening the immune system.
  • Zinc (45mg daily). This is essential in healing damaged tissues. It also aids the immune system.


  • Goldenrod (450mg 3 times daily). This helps in reducing inflammation. It also minimizes mucous congestion in the area of the upper respiratory tract.
  • Goldenseal (0.5g – 1g dried rhizome and root daily). This has an antibiotic effect. It also tones and soothes the mucous membrane lining the ear canals.
  • Eyebright (87Smg 3 times daily). This is effective against inflammation of the ear, eye, nose, and throat.
  • Olive Leaf extract (270mg 3 times daily), wild indigo (2ml-5ml daily), and Echinacea (1200mg-6g daily). Take for around 10 to 30 days if there are signs of bacterial, viral, or fungal infections in the gastrointestinal tract.
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