Headaches and Migraine

Headaches and MigraineWhat is a Headache or a Migraine?

A headache is generally any feelings of pain in the head. At times, it could occur in the frontal area of the head, and there are also instances that it would be occurring at the back portion of the head. People with headaches often suffer varying degrees of pain.


There are cases where the pain seems to come from inside the head, pounding severely.


A migraine on the other hand, is a worse type of headache. It is considered as a chronic condition rendering the patient suffering from pain for several hours. In some cases, the pain could last for days.

Those who suffer from migraine would usually want to be isolated and left alone up until the pain subsides.


What Causes Headaches and Migraines?

Headaches and migraines are caused by so many things. They often serve as warnings that something is wrong in your body. Some of the most common causes of headaches are:

  • Allergy. This is one of the most common yet unsuspected causes of headaches. There are certain foods that are known to create allergic reactions in the body.
  • Eyestrain. When the eyes become strained, it could always lead to a headache.
  • Emotional problems. There are certain individuals who bear some intense emotions inside. Some people would tend to appear happy and jubilant yet they are actually harboring so many emotional strains inside. These emotions could lead to headaches.
  • High blood pressure (HBP). When your blood pressure rises, for sure you would experience terrible headaches. The pain would usually start at the back of the head and moves upwards. If you know that you have HBP, it is best to consult a doctor or have immediate medications around whenever your blood pressure rises.
  • Infection. When the body suffers from an infection, one of its manifestations is the occurrence of a headache, such as when you have colds or fever.
  • Hangover. Usually, when people consume a lot of alcohol, they would suffer from severe headache in the morning.
  • Low blood sugar. Having a low blood sugar could also lead you to suffer from headaches. Eating sugar whenever this happens is not the recommended cure, but it could alleviate your condition on a temporary basis.
  • Toxins in the body. Toxins that accumulate in the body due to improper nutrition and lifestyle could manifest themselves by giving you headaches.

These are just some of the causes of headaches. Migraine on the other hand, is a much worse condition and is considered as a chronic illness. Some of the common causes of migraine are:

  • Hormonal changes. This usually occurs in women. You can often hear women say that they are suffering from a terrible headache whenever their periods are about to arrive and most especially during their periods. Some women would also experience migraine during pregnancy.
  • Stress. This is one major cause of migraines. It could either be at work or at home.
  • Getting insufficient or too much sleep. People who do not get enough amounts of sleep or those who oversleep tend to suffer from migraines.
  • Stimuli in the surroundings that cause reaction to the senses. These would include bright or glaring lights, really strong smells like those coming from smoke, paint, and perfumes.
  • Foods. Those that could bring about sensitivities could also bring about migraines.

The causes of common headache and migraines are actually similar, hence, proper precaution must be taken in order to prevent these causes.


Remedies, Treatment and Cure for Headache and Migraine

Some lifestyle changes could help in minimizing the occurrence of headache and migraine. Changing the types of food that you eat, and making sure that it is nutritious all the time, could greatly help.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Be stress free. Stress is one of the things that could cause headaches and migraine. Make sure that you free yourself from stress everyday. Do not try to worry too much about problems. Worrying could only usher in stressful episodes. Also, do not overwork yourself. Indeed, people have to be financially stable, but it does not mean that you have to overwork yourself. Staying up late and sleeping for 3-4 hours a day only would not help. Make sure you get a good night’s rest and you don’t neglect your health.
  • Learn to speak. Do not try to keep your emotions inside because doing so would surely give you a headache. Try to talk to a friend or to your family, so that you could let out all your pent up emotions.

Diet for Headache and Migraine

  • Eat foods that are rich in Vitamin C. This is a natural antibiotic and could help in treating infections which are among the causes of headaches.
  • Eat small meals frequently in a day. This could help prevent low blood sugar which is another cause of headaches.
  • Eating iron-rich foods could prevent anaemia from occurring.
  • Eat foods that have high B-vitamin content. Being deficient in B-vitamins could cause headaches. You could also take in Vitamin-B complex in case you could not readily get your hands on Vitamin-B rich foods.
  • Avoid foods that could trigger certain sensitivities. These foods are chocolates, milk products, milk, cheese, chicken liver, and most especially alcohol.
  • Drink citrus juices. The body could absorb nutrients faster and better from liquids.
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