Venereal Diseases

Venereal DiseasesWhat are Venereal Diseases?

Venereal diseases, otherwise known as sexually transmitted diseases or STD, are those that are caused by either bacteria or germs. If these are not given timely medical attendance, they could get serious and could cause profound damage to the body. Syphilis and gonorrhea are two of the most common diseases that fall under VD.


Syphilis has been existent for centuries. In fact, it is considered as among the oldest diseases that plague human beings.


This disease spreads throughout the community through sexual contact.


There are also instances wherein an infected woman could transmit the disease to her unborn baby. Hence, upon birth, the baby would have congenital syphilis. This could even be transmitted through coming into contact with infected articles like clothing, or through kissing.


What Causes Venereal Diseases?

Venereal diseases are generally caused by germs or bacteria. Some of the ways that one is most likely to be infected with VD are the following:

  • Bacteria entering the body through the nose, throat, vagina and rectum.
  • Rashes. A person who has syphilis, and one who has a rash, can transmit the disease to other people.
  • Pregnancy. Pregnant women can transmit VD to their babies.
  • Having multiple sexual partners. This puts one at risk of being able to come in sexual contact with an infected individual.
  • Engaging in an unprotected sex
  • Having low vitality
  • Toxicity in the body


Diagnosis, Signs and Symptoms of Venereal Diseases

Some of the common symptoms of having VD are the following.

In Men:

  • Pain when urinating
  • Appearance of blood in the urine
  • Yellow discharge found at the tip of the penis
  • Swelling of glands
  • Red head of penis
  • Itching

It must be noted that not all men who suffer from venereal diseases show or feel these symptoms. One could be suffering from one without any apparent sign or symptom.

In women:

  • Vaginal discharge
  • Pain or burning sensation when one urinates
  • Abnormal bleeding during menstruation
  • Irritation in the outer area of the vagina
  • Itching

At times, women are infected with VD, yet do not show these symptoms.


Treatment, Remedies and Cure for VD


Using drugs as a form of treatment for VD does not entirely put a stop to the problem. This solution is a temporary one since it only halts the active symptoms of the disease. Drugs often leave residues that linger in the body, which are not at all healthy or beneficial, but even have destructive effects on the body tissues.

Helpful Lifestyle Suggestions

  • Apply a T pack on the initial sore. Do this twice daily. Just make sure that sheets, clothes and towels used by the infected person are handled properly so that infection can be contained. It is a good practice to boil these articles so that infecting others could be prevented.
  • Apply a wet sheet pack if there are already eruptions appearing on various parts of the body. Do this for one hour to avail of full benefits.
  • Practice safe sex. Use condoms during intercourse. Although there are still cases wherein condoms do not prevent the transmission of the disease, these could still help in minimizing the risk for contracting such diseases.

Diet for Venereal Diseases

  • Fasting. This is one very effective way of getting the body to be in optimum health. You can take orange juice and warm water. You could also take vegetable juice if you have intolerance against orange juice.
  • An all-fruit diet is beneficial after fasting. Doing this for several weeks, coupled with some milk and butter could return the well-being of the body.
  • Vegetable juices are well-recommended. You can take the juice of cucumber, carrot, spinach and beet. Liberally taking in carrot juice is helpful.

Vitamins, Minerals and Herbs for VD

  • Amaranth (25g of leaves, twice/thrice daily) is also helpful in treating venereal diseases. The juice of the flowers is very much useful.
  • Coconut water. This is a tonic medicine that works well with amaranth. This is also ideal in treating venereal diseases.
  • Lady’s fingers. This is also a useful herb for treating venereal diseases. You can mix this with ripe banana and buttermilk. You can simply boil this in water and you can then cool it down, and extract the mucilage using a muslin cloth.






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