Cold Sores On Lips – What are the Remedies?

Cold Sores On Lips

Cold Sores On LipsOne of the things that you might really hate is having cold sores on lips. This is a very nasty skin condition, which can often cause you to feel embarrassed to go out. Who wouldn’t? Cold sores don’t look that good.


According to Health911, a cold sore or fever blister is the result of a herpes virus invasion of the skin in and around the lips. The infection begins with pain or itching, followed by the typical fluid-filled blisters. The sores form a crust and dry up some seven to ten days later. Repeated attacks may occur because the virus burrows deep under the skin and “hibernates.” Sunlight, emotional upset, and illness may awaken the virus and lead to new blisters. Some persons only develop a single episode; others are not so fortunate and develop recurrent blisters once a year or even as frequently as once a month.


Source: Health911


If you find yourself constantly having to deal with cold sores, you can always apply various effective remedies for cold sores on lips. Home Remedies for You provided an extensive list of these remedies that you can apply, they include the following:


  • Ice is a very good home remedy for cold sores. Rub ice on the infected skin for few minutes, repeat this every hour.


  • Apply a tea bag for few minutes on the blisters, repeat this every hour. One can also consider pressing a warm tea bag on the blisters for approximately 30 minutes.
  • Other Remedies


  • Applying witch hazel on sores will give you some relief. Dip your moist index finger in powdered common salt and press the sore for 30 seconds using this index finger. Gently rub aloe vera gel or oil on the sores. Lemon balm extract helps to reduce symptoms and speeds up healing.


  • Use a good quality sunscreen on your lips if you are going to be spending too much time in the sun.


  • Make sure that you do not simply attempt to disguise the cold sores by using makeup and other cosmetic products as very often the chemicals in them will simply cause further irritation to the skin and worsen the condition.


  • Use cold milk. According to some naturalists cold milk has a role in cold sore treatment as they believe it can provide relief and even promote healing. According to some, you could simply soak a cotton ball or swab in some cold milk and dab it or apply gently over the sore.


  • Do not use cosmetic products in an attempt to hide cold sores. Burying the cold sores under a layer of makeup will simply aggravate the problem as most cosmetics do contain some chemicals, which would be too harsh for your already highly sensitized skin.


  • Avoid picking or pinching at a cold sore as this poses a high threat of bacterial infection. Also make sure that you never touch the cold sore and then touch your eyes or genitals, as this will simply spread the infection. Always make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly or use a hand sanitizer after touching a cold sore.

Source: Home Remedies For You


These are some of the best home remedies for cold sores on lips that you can apply. Don’t wait for the cold sore to worsen. Upon seeing that you have a cold sore apply any of the abovementioned treatments right away.



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One Response to Cold Sores On Lips – What are the Remedies?

  • Hi Agnes,
    I take your point, Most visitors are not informed that they have had the cold sore virus in their system for perhaps a very long time until eventually they get an outbreak. The cold sore virus enters the physique one time and stays, so to say, permanently. All the same its outcomes are not always obvious until an outbreak happens. Outbreaks appear when conditions favourable to the virus manifest. The virus hides less than the skin giving the effect that an individual is fully healed right after going through the recommended treatment method or all-natural treatment method. It will return when problems are conducive.
    Keep up the posts!

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