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How Regular Sauna Use Can Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Arthritis is known for causing painful, stiff, and uncomfortable joints, which make daily tasks appear like difficult challenges for anyone suffering because of this illness. Once diagnosed, arthritis cannot be healed, only kept under control. We all know that surgery has a lot of risks and that pain medication always triggers unwanted side-effects. The best way to diminish the painful symptoms of arthritis is to look for alternatives that will increase the quality of life by reducing pain and restoring mobility as much as possible. This is where regular sauna come into play and can bring amazing benefits and relief to arthritis symptoms.


The cold season means a lot of discomfort for people with arthritis. The cold and wet weather is not good for the damaged joints and it increases the pain and discomfort when moving. In comparison with this, the heat inside a sauna will bring comfort to painful joints, reducing the stiffness and alleviating any pain. Of course, saunas will not cure arthritis and periodic visits to the sauna will be needed in order to maintain the level of comfort and keep painful joints at a distance. But, considering that saunas can be found in any spa or wellness center and it is not something very expensive, it is worth doing this for your health and wellbeing. Together with a proper exercise plan, diet, and medication, regular sauna sessions can be added to compose a powerful and efficient combo in treating pain caused by arthritis. Also, after a session, you will feel an increased ease of mobility without feeling the discomfort produced by the condition.


Medical studies were unrolled to see how the use of the sauna brings relief. It appears that during a sauna session, the body of the patient releases growth hormones, adrenaline, and cortisol, all of these substances produced by the organism having the property of reducing inflammation. So, for a determined period, the patient will feel much better and will enjoy a better mobility than prior to the sauna session. About 50% of the patients that participated in such studies reported a significant improvement in pain reduction and increased mobility. With such statistics, it is worth trying this method if arthritis is giving you a hard time. Maybe you will feel these positive effects on your body as well. But, again, the effect is temporary, so you will have to come back to the sauna for more sessions if you want to enjoy pain relief more often, without the help of pain medication.


Besides the release of the previously mentioned substances, doctors also notice that, after exposure to heat, tendons, articular capsules, and fasciae, which are all composed out of collagen, become more flexible. This translates in the improved mobility that can be felt after a session in the sauna. Blood flow is also enhanced, which is believed to dissolve mineral deposits in the joints, although this fact has not been scientifically proven. And another benefit would be the fact that heat helps the body wash away toxins, including the ones that you introduced in the body through medication for arthritis.


This post was written by Jon Reyes from Daily Health Click. Jon is an expert writer in the health and fitness niche and has been writing and studying topics like this one for over 10 years.

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